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Mechanisms of Muscle Plasticity at Protein Sensitization. Pp. 82–88.

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Trukhina Svetlana Ivanovna, Natural Geography Faculty, Vyatka State Humanities University (Kirov, Russia)

Tsirkin Viktor Ivanovich, General Medicine Faculty, Kazan State Medical University (Kazan, Russia)

Trukhin Andrey Nikolaevich, Natural Geography Faculty, Vyatka State Humanities University (Kirov, Russia)


It was established that academic performance, as an integrated characteristic of intellectual development, of 1st–8th graders of comprehensive schools with low (1.5–2.5 kg) or high (4.0–5.1 kg) birth weight is lower than of those with normal (2.6–3.9 kg) birth weight. Direct linear dependence of academic performance on birth weight ranging from 1.5 to 3.1 kg was detected.


birth weight, academic performance, schoolchildren.

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