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Версия для печати

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Scientific Journal: Territory of Constructive Dialogue with the Reader. Pp. 5–9.

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Strategic Areas of Medical and Biological Research. Pp. 10–18.

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Sound Perception under Light Regime Change in Northern Russia. Pp. 19–25.

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Psychophysiological Analysis of Visual Perception in 5–8-Year-Old Children with Visual Impairments. Pp. 26–32.

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Change of Airways Patency in Far North Residents in Different Seasons of the Year. Pp. 33–40.

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Variants of EEG Formation in Adolescents Living in Subpolar and Polar Regions of Northern Russia. Pp. 41–45.

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Correlation of Quality Parameters of Intelligence and Visual-Motor Tests in Anxious Children. Pp. 46–54.

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Role of Neuropeptide Y in EEG Patterns Formation in Humans with Various Blood Pressure Levels. Pp. 55–63.

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Influence of Mother’s Chronic Arterial Hypertension on the Development of Children. Pp. 64–76.

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Mechanism of the Effect of Acetylcholine on the Rate of Hemagglutination in Humans. Pp. 77–90.

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Clinical and Psychophysiological Characteristics of Children and Adolescents with Chronic Tics. Pp. 91–99.

Children’s Health Above All Else. Pp. 107

Academic Life

Deputat I.S., Dzhos Yu.S.

Human Adaptation in the North: Medical and Biological Aspects. Pp. 100–102.

Startseva L.F.

On the Work of the Thesis Council in 2012. Pp. 103–106.