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Версия для печати

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Compensatory Reactions of the Endocrine System in Response to the Test with Synacthen Depot. Pp. 5–11.

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Comparative Analysis of the State of the Pituitary-Gonadal Axis and Dopamine Levels in Men from Subpolar and Polar Areas of the European North. Pp. 12–19.

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Physiological Mechanisms of Human Postural Balance Regulation (Review). Pp. 20–29.

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Structural Transformation of Rat Myometrium in Various Physiological Periods. Pp. 30–37.

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Oxygen Saturation of Human Venous Blood During Ageing. Pp. 38–43.

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Thermal Imaging of Breast for Tumour Evaluation. Pp. 44–50.

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Features of Intelligence in 8- to 11-Year-Old Children with Learning Difficulties Living in the North. Pp. 51–60.

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Comparison of Effects of Adaptation to Hypoxia or Hyperoxia Under Low Dose Intoxication. Pp. 61–69.

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The Influence of Circumpolar Factors on the Female Reproductive System. Pp. 70–76.

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Еffеct of pregnant women Blood Serum on Adrenoreactivity of Rat Right Ventricle Myocardium Reduced by Beta-Blockers. Pp. 77–88.

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Physiological Role of Cell-Mediated Cytotoxicity in Immune Responses of Northerners. Pp. 89–95.

Academic Life

Deputat I.S.

The 2nd Russian Symposium with International Participation “Light Conditions, Ageing and Cancer”. Pp. 96–97.

Index of the Articles Published in the Journal in 2013. Pp. 98–99.